Exceptional phone. Exceptional price.


The short version: Moto G might cost around  INR15k – INR17k in India.


The lengthier version:

Drool dripped on his netbook’s tiny keyboard. Rajesh was surprised. He had seen his roommate scream, hurl abuses, and even spin that piece of black junk on a finger but never had he seen his roommate decorating it with his own saliva. Half wondering whether it was a piece of cake or a pair of woman’s assets that had elicited such a response, he edged towards his roommate carefully. Then he saw it. He saw the price tag beneath it. And he soon realised that he had fallen in love.

A displays that stuns.

Pure android 4.3. And daddy has promised Kitkat

The moto G.
Exceptional phone. Exceptional price.

Motorola or rather Motorola, a Google company released a phone on 13th November. The Moto G. The younger sibling to the Moto X, Moto G has pretty decent innards, not as high as a Google Nexus 5 but not as low as a Galaxy *insert the name of some cheap Galaxy below  INR8,000 (~$ 129)*. Specs go like

  • One gig RAM.
  • Quad Core Cortex A7 *some number in decimals here* GHz processor.
  • Android 4.3. Assured update to 4.4
  • Has a brilliant display with a screen size I like best (4.5 in). Oh wait it has a high pixel density of about 329 ppi. The funny thing is most people actually use the pixel density thing when they are showing off and I doubt many people will recognize it anyway.
  • A 5 MP camera
  • And an unbelievable price (US prices listed below)
    $179 – 8 GB
    $199 – 16 GB

Anyway that’s the important stuff. If you feel like you want to know more about this phone you can click here.

It’s a beautiful phone to look at. And something I can convince my dad to buy for me. Apparently Moto G is going to be released in Brazil and some European countries first and then in January it’s going to come to India and other countries across the globe. Which brings me to the question – “Why this post?”

(If you buy your phones off contract at dirt cheap prices please hit CTRL+W now)

I live in India. These are sad times when the Indian National Rupee is around 62.something against the dollar. Any fool armed with a calculator or who knows how to multiply in his head will bring the converted prices in from the US$ to the INR to around INR11,098 and INR12,338. Now any reasonable parent would agree with some convincing to buy the kid this phone – the phone had nice specs, it looked good and heck, it’s from Motorola!  I was excited too. And was hell bent on buying it.

So I became obsessed with it. I started googling about the phone every now and then hoping they will be some good soul who will put a nice review of it soon. On one such a session, I go to this online re-seller in the UK and check the prices – 8 GB – £ 148.80 (Equivalent to INR 15,126) and 16 GB – £ 174 (Equal to INR 17,688). I got a bit of scared and hoped this wasn’t the case in the country which hosts the next world cup – Brazil. But alas, it was nearly the same. The 16 GB apparently costs around $285 (equal to INR17,875). [1] Not only this but the Nexus 4. And the Nexus 5. The 16 GB Nexus 4 sold/sells around INR 24k while it sold in the US for approximately INR 18,000. [2] The 16 GB Nexus 5 sells for INR 28,000 while the 32 GB one sells for a fucking INR 32,000. 32 GB = INR 32k eh?

So I’ll take my chances and make a calculated guess and say that the Motorola Moto G will cost around INR15,000 for the 8GB version and around INR17,000 for the 16 GB version. I have said may be as the prices of the Moto G for the Indian market aren’t out yet.

We are Indians and unlike Americans and other nationalities most PHONES ARE SOLD OFF CONTRACT. And that means we have to bear the full brunt of whatever the price is. And the tax isn’t helping us.

So nice effort Motorola (and Google), you guys have really tried this time. And in a way have succeeded. But then people will still buy a Canvas – It’s a quad core, nearly the same specs and oh wait, are some models selling at less than INR15k, oh yeah! Till the day you start selling your phones at the US prices in India, I really don’t expect the situation to change. I don’t want to buy another dumb-phone from Samsung or a Canvas from Micromax nor do I want to buy a dual core Xperia L or M. I want a Moto G from Motorola.  But sadly, with all these taxes, I don’t think it is going to happen anytime soon.

Exceptional phone. Exceptional price.

But still. *looks at above image and starts drooling*




  1. [1] I do apologise for not linking this up. I may have misplaced the bookmark but yeah, if I do come across this, I’ll make sure to link it up.
  2. [2] The Nexus 4 according to the current conversion rates costs 21,953. It costs $350. (16 GB version).
  3. The price conversions I’ve done are using the current conversion rates.
  4. Images have been taken from the official Moto G page. Visit it here.