Crumpled Paper Post #1


Yes, you read it right.


Crumpled Paper.

Weird sounding name right?

Okay. I’ll be frank. I have no idea why I chose that name for my blog from all the imaginative and creative names I had begun to think of including “trashcan of feelings” to “morons dump-pit” to the most sensible name (at least at that time) “The emotive dustbin”. Now that I think about it, all the other ideas did royally suck and I think I’m better off with Crumpled Paper rather than some weird sounding user-name that had the word dustbin in it.

Anyway the question still remains :

 Why Crumpled Paper? Not an equally awesome sounding “The emotive dustbin”

So I asked the same to my brain and it presented me with the following options:

  • Perhaps it is a silent memory to the number of papers I decorate with my beautiful handwriting when I start writing something official – the first draft, the second draft, blah blah blah, the pre pre pre pre final draft, the post post final draft and so on, which in most all cases ends up in the bin.
  • Or perhaps it is in the memory of all the paper which lay crumpled on the classroom floor after a World War like paper ball fight.
  • Or perhaps I was just so bored and lazy and frustrated that I wrote down a bunch of names into different pieces of crumpled paper, flung them into a box and decided to pick one out. (The reason why I picked out “The trashcan of epic horse-shit” and still didn’t choose that one is another story altogether).

And here I am, writing the first post at Crumpled Paper. And unfortunately I don’t think it’s going to be the last. Until then, adios.

Sitting on a heap of crumpled paper and signing off,


PS – Please remember to recycle crumpled paper.
PPS – Crumpled Paper Tip #0000000001 : To recycle easily click on any of the friendly looking buttons below.