About Me

Hello There!


Unlike most, I live a normal life. A life without any surprises. So normal that when I wake up in the morning, ill find my battered android, not some fancy phone. So normal that I know I won’t get a call from the skies to save the world from evil corporations. So normal that I don’t go out with a different girl every day. Nor do I win trophies everyday. It just drones on. Almost monotonous. Non- exciting. A mundane life.

But then, once in a while, it turns exciting.

Something philosophical discussed over a cup of coffee. An occasional game of soccer. A morning jog. Getting wet in the first rains. Laughing, with friends at a joke that the world would probably never get. Watching the lame joke that you just cracked put a smile on people’s faces. Trying (albeit unsuccessfully) to impress that childhood crush. The feeling you get when you do something awesome.

Yes, these are aren’t as awesome as saving a beautiful damsel in distress everyday, but then, these are some of the moments I cherish in this extremely normal mundane and boring life. Some of the little inconsequential things I live for.

Speaking of which, what do you live for?




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